21 4 / 2012

My fingers are so girly and pretty today! I watched a whole bunch of one-stroke nail art tutorials on you-tube and just decided to go for it. It isn’t that hard, but it does take some practice, which is perfect for the plastic-bag nail decals, because you get the whole surface of the baggie to make as many flowers as you want till you get it right. I used dark violet and white acrylic paint for mine, with accents of Quo by Orly’s Celestial Star. I would suggest using a thick freezer bag if you try this, as I used the thin kind and they were a little tricky to peel off.

For this manicure I started with a base colour of SpaRitual’s Lucid, which is a slightly blue-tinged pale lilac creme. Then I added a coat of Icing’s Call Me Glitzy, a clear iridescent glitter top coat similar to China Glaze’s Snow Globe.

To apply the violet decals, gently pry them off the baggie with a pair of tweezers, some will rip, which is ok, because on some nails you will want only half a flower anyways. Smooth them over slightly tacky nails with a soft brush, and clean the excess off with acetone. I used little ripped petals to add the illusion of more flowers, by tucking them into the corners of the design.

I finished off the design by dabbing over the violet decals with some CND Sapphire Sparkle, painting tiny green leaves with various green polishes and purple dots with Essie’s No More Film. The violet centers are dotted with Sally Hansen’s Sun Kissed. If you want, you could add a little crystal to the center of one flower on each hand for a sparkly accent nail. It is pretty amazing how well the clear coat edges of the decals blend into the background; once everything was covered with a coat of Seche, it was smooth and invisible.

You should try this! Having such complicated looking flowers, even on your dominant hand, is pretty exciting. It does take a little planning, but I just tested my leftover decals, and a few days later they are still pliable, so you can prep you decals in advance and pop one on your finger when the mood strikes.