07 5 / 2012

So this in my new fantastically weird manicure. It’s not actually random: you see, I love when people make crazy nail art based on unexpected inspirations. My inspiration is my favourite Kawaii teacup!

I recently discovered the blog Nail Nerd, and really loved not only her stunning hand painted nail art, but also her insistence that we try to push ourselves with our art in order to improve our skills over time. So I am going to try to do some crazy hand painted manicures every once in a while. Maybe one day they will be a little more complicated than just flying cupcakes.

For the base I used two coats of Sally Hansen Loyal Lavender. I used BM plate 213 and Konad special polish in white to make the starburst shapes. The rest of the design was done in acrylic paint. I used a regular artists liner brush, which I clipped to only a few long hairs in order to outline the cupcakes in black. Then I went back with a teensy detail brush and gently dabbed colour to fill the outlines. I used my dotting tool for the cherries and the blue, yellow and white flowers.

Using an object (or a print, fabric etc…) as inspiration is actually very freeing, you don’t have to spend time fussing over the colours you will use, and instead you can just focus on the design, and how you can achieve it.

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